Mmmm, pizza delivered to the shelter!!

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  1. June and Scott says:

    No Kidding!!! Delivered right to the shelter?!! Tell us more…

    • Mike says:

      We hard that SOME hikers were savvy enough to order a pizza to be delivered to the shelter, and when they got their pizza, they’d tip the delivery guy a few extra bucks to drive them into town. Then, when they’d had enough of town, they’d order another pizza to be delivered to the shelter, and catch another ride back to the shelter/trail along with their pizza! I guess we walk so much, if there’s a way to avoid EXTRA walking, someone will think of it!

    • Mel says:

      Well, delivered to the parking lot about 1/10th away from the shelter. Close enough! It’s called Partnership Shelter and it was probably 10 miles prior to where the AT crosses Atkins, VA. So fun to order pizza literally from the trail!!

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