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My Favorite Trail Things

While hiking along, we often find ourselves singing, humming or just listening to tunes playing in our heads. Sometimes, the tunes that pops into my head are inspired by something happening in the hike (like “Boy, you’re gonna carry that … Continue reading

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Oops, I Did it Again…

This past Thursday, with a mere 356 miles left to walk to Mt. Katahdin in Baxter State Park in Maine, I fell down and twisted my ankle while traversing a boulder field…again. I must admit that it felt a bit … Continue reading

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Connecticut Gallery Added!

Well, we’re in New Hampshire now, so Connecticut was a few states ago, but I’ve caught up just a bit!  Check out “Mike’s Galleries” for “12 – Connecticut”!

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Refresh and recharge!

We’ve stayed overnight with friends, June and Scott, whom we met way back SOMEWHERE.  I think it was maybe Tennessee or N. Carolina; they were doing a section for about a week, and they said (way back then) that if … Continue reading

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I’d love to do more, but …

For you photo lovers, I’d love to have triple the town time in Hanover, New Hampshire today, so I could select, resize, upload, and caption photos from Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont.  After all, we arrived in New Hampshire, and I’m at a … Continue reading

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What a day!

So, I hiked into Hanover, NH today, and while I hiked, I was thinking about how great it would be to cross another state line.  Finishing Vermont makes twelve states completed and just two to go! As I hiked, I thought about … Continue reading

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New York Gallery Updated!

Well, folks – I’ve finally been able to add captions to the photos in “Mike’s Galleries” – New York.  It’s best to view these full-size; just click on a photo and then page through them!

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Another photo gallery

I’ve added a gallery of NY photos under “Mike’s Galleries”.  Sorry the pictures aren’t captioned now (use your imagination!) – I had some trouble with the computer I’m using.

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LongTime’s Tuesday – 7-12-11

The day started out around 6 AM, too light to sleep any longer, though I was looking at just a 7.9 mile day into Great Barrington, Massachusetts.  Time for the classic “hiker-in-town” day (resupply food, shower, laundry, maybe some computer … Continue reading

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New Jersey Gallery added

I’ve just added a New Jersey collection under “Mike’s Galleries”.  The variety of terrain and scenery in New Jersey surprised me!

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