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Brooklyn-Blazing for the Weekend

So when you’re out on the Appalachian Trail, you know you’re on the right path when you see that the trail is marked by 2X6″ white blazes. Known as “white-blazers”, there are some hikers that follow every single white blaze, … Continue reading

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New Jersey Is So Close I Can Smell It…

…and it smells wonderful! Surprising I know, but first thing tomorrow morning we’ll be crossing over the mighty Delaware into northern New Jersey and I couldn’t be happier. Yes, really. Of course if the trail went through Elizabeth, the smell … Continue reading

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Halfway and Humbled

I’m sitting in the morning sun, enjoying a breakfast of fresh fruit (a rarity out here) and coffee on the balcony of the (in)famous Doyle Hotel in Duncannon. PA. It’s mile 1138.5, we’re 52.2% complete and I’m feelin’ fine. And … Continue reading

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Onward and Upward (and downword and upword)

Hey all! Just wanted to give you an update on my first bit back on the trail after the injury. We did 8.6 miles after leaving Waynesboro, PA this morning. We went back to Pen-Mar park in MD where we … Continue reading

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Rest, ice, compress, elevate. That’s what I’ve got to do for a day or so. On a particularly rocky stretch of trail today, my right foot got caught between two rocks while I was on a downhill step with my … Continue reading

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New Shoes Blues and other stories

First off, I forgot to inform y’all that I posted a bunch of new photos under the “Click’s Gallery” page when we were in Harper’s Ferry on Wednesday. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to caption them all and I’m afraid … Continue reading

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New photos on Click’s gallery page

Hey everyone! There have been so many great things we’ve seen over the last few weeks, but no time to show it all. (I can’t hog the computer in the Holiday Lodge office all day – we do have to … Continue reading

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Time Flies When All You Do is Walk (or, 27.3% complete)

If anyone ever tells you that sleeping on the ground is uncomfortable, well then, they’ve never walked 125 miles in 9 days. I’m so snug and bundled up inside my mummy sleeping bag right now, I may drift off any … Continue reading

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In response to some voicemails and emails, I just wanted to let everyone know that Long Time and I are a-ok. If you watch the weather channel it does appear that the entire southern half of the Appalachian Trail is … Continue reading

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Roan High Knob Shelter

Editor’s note: this was written a few days ago. We have good cell service now, so we’re posting ’em. (posted by Mike from Mel’s phone; 9:30 PM, 4/20/11) We hiked about 14.5 miles today, from 9 AM to almost 7 … Continue reading

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