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A LongTime Ago, in a State Not Too Far Away…

…I was about to embark on the last 5.2 miles of a very long walk in the woods. Together through good times and bad, through rain and through heat, (not to mention some wind, snow, tornadoes, hurricanes and bear encounters), … Continue reading

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For realz?! Just 2 weeks to go??

Usually it’s the sound of the morning traffic commute out on the busy Brooklyn corner on which I live that signals the time for me to arise.  This time of year, when the days start getting longer and the sun … Continue reading

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Musings on Urban Hike #4 (or A Lone Saturday in the Rain)

I woke up stiff and exhausted this morning.  And I’m still feeling drowsy after 10 hours of sleep and 2 cups of coffee.  I’m guessing that’s because I hiked my longest hike with pack weight so far yesterday afternoon.  Almost … Continue reading

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Motivations and Fears

I volunteer teaching Basic Math at Literacy Volunteers in Rochester, NY.  Today, just before class started, I mentioned my upcoming hike to a couple of students.  Their reactions were not unusual, I think: Marvis:  “Why are you doing that? Why do … Continue reading

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