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Rest, ice, compress, elevate. That’s what I’ve got to do for a day or so. On a particularly rocky stretch of trail today, my right foot got caught between two rocks while I was on a downhill step with my … Continue reading

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New Shoes Blues and other stories

First off, I forgot to inform y’all that I posted a bunch of new photos under the “Click’s Gallery” page when we were in Harper’s Ferry on Wednesday. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to caption them all and I’m afraid … Continue reading

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We should ALL be so nice!

Yesterday Melissa and I were hiking toward Harpers Ferry, WV, planning to camp at a site about 4 miles out of town so we could get into town early and get out “town business” done with plenty of time (eating, … Continue reading

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Sunday, 5/29/11 – A (Trail) Magical Day

“Trail Magic” can be described as anything good and unexpected that occurs to you along the Appalachian Trail hike.  It can be something small like someone giving you a few inches of duct tape to repair your rainsuit, or giving … Continue reading

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