Two new galleries!

Almost summer!

I’ve just added two new collections under “Mike’s Galleries”.  Click on the “Mike’s Galleries” heading, and you may now choose “07 – West Virginia” and “08 – Maryland”.

This is the first time I’ve been completely up to date!  An extra day in town is good for ankle injury recover and more!


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One Response to Two new galleries!

  1. A lot of your photos are spectacular,why I even think you could sell them to Hallmark for greeting cards.
    Nothing like digital cameras,just a photo card,and your good to go.
    Just think back in the day you would have had rolled film to deal with.

    Glad to hear your paw,oh I mean foot wasn’t injured bad enough to put you out of commission very long.

    As old Willy Nelson sings:”Back on the road again”,well in your case back on the Appy again.
    If you two have fallen in love with the trail,hope you won’t need any counseling for depression when you get to the end of the line.

    Just kidding I’m sure you will be like all the folks who have climbed Mount Everest.
    You will be over joyed that you accomplished your goal.

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