Hydration Pack

My buddy Tim (from Vermont; the guy who’ll be hiking the first 2 weeks with us) asked me what I was doing for water bottles.  He suggested using a hydration pack (one popular brand is Camelback).  I have one, but never used it much.  Tim said he liked his so much (since you don’t have to dangle a bottle off your belt or stop and to get a drink), that he thought I ought to try it.

I dug mine out of the closet, stripped the bladder out of its own pack (so as to not carry the extra weight), filled it up (~2 liters), and slipped it into the internal bladder pocket in my pack.  I’ve been using it on my last few prep-hikes.  I’m sold.  I found today that when it’s about 10 ºF outside, it’s best to keep the bite-valve tucked inside your jacket so it doesn’t freeze up!

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  1. Mellissa's class says:

    Hi Mike, How areyou doing? How is the weather there? Hope you and daughter are safe. We were all in class thinkg of you so we decided to send you an email. We miss you.

    Ron said the beer’s on you in four months and Enid said be careful of the bears.

    • Mel says:

      Actually from mike – sent from mel’s phone. Thanks for the note. We’re doing fine, though we’re a bit slower than expected. We’ve averaged 12.2 miles per day, but these have been LONG days. Last night and tonight we finished as it was getting dark.

      The weather has been mixed, three sunny days, one very rainy night, and today was rain and fog and cold all day, even with a bit of snow and high winds.

      No bears yet, Enid, but each night we have to hang our food up out of their reach. Strange how Enid thinks of bears and Ron thinks of BEERS!

      Stay in touch,

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