LongTime’s Tuesday – 7-12-11

The day started out around 6 AM, too light to sleep any longer, though I was looking at just a 7.9 mile day into Great Barrington, Massachusetts.  Time for the classic “hiker-in-town” day (resupply food, shower, laundry, maybe some computer time, a bit of relaxing…).

There was a nice downhill average to those miles, and as I walked along, I thought about hown nice it was to hike downhill, with a light pack (almost no food left, and just a liter of water instead of the normal two).  I decided to enjoy that, rather than thinking about hiking uphill out of town tomorrow, with a 3-day food supply and 2 liters of water.  Try as I might, you see, I’m still working on trying to live in the moment!

There was a refreshing bit of trail magic left for the hikers, and welcome it was as today was hot and humid by 9 AM.  I got to the road about 10:50, and a few minutes later had a ride to the motel where I had booked a room.  As I was a bit early for normal check-in, while waiting for my room to be readied, I went across the street to Friendly’s and had an early lunch.

Then it was time for the routine to begin – SHOWER NEXT!  Then laundry, then inventorying the food supply and figuring out how long until my next drop or shopping after this one, then shopping (buying also 1/2 pound of potato salad and a roast beef sub for a second lunch), then off to the computer.  My hotel doesn’t have a computer for guest use, but the Comfort Inn, just next door (same owner) DOES, and I conveniently assumed the same policy applies to computer use as for laundry (they gave me the okay to come over here for laundry, so here I am at Comfort Inn’s computer).  I’ll cut this short, wishing I had time for more about the actual hiking and what it’s like to hike alone for a week or so, but I’ll hold off until another time.  It’s time to go enjoy a couple hours in the town!

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5 Responses to LongTime’s Tuesday – 7-12-11

  1. JRae says:

    Hi Michael,
    Keep on keeping up!

    You are on the final stretch and I worry about you guys hiking through the hot weather.
    Have to carry more water!

    Just know that we are all cheering you on!

    Happy Trails.

  2. Sorry you are alone,hope your daughter catches up with you,and the both of you can complete your journey,safely of course.

    That car looked like a good buy,you could have put a dollar or two deposit down on it,and had the owner hold it for you till you could come for it in a couple of months.

    You know I am just kidding,heck what do you need a car for as long as your shoes hold up, think of all the gas money you are saving.

  3. Deborah Farmar says:

    Hey Mig – let me know to the best of your ability where you’ll be when so I can get those packages out to you again. You might not like being without candy drinks.
    Sending thoughts of candy buttons,

  4. Susan S says:

    Hey Mig,
    Are you hiking alone or do you have plenty of trail mates? Of course I know you’ve hiked alone before but it seems to me that could get tiresome. I think it’s great you’re still doing so well and I’m still jealous!! Take care. Your Sis

    • Mike says:

      I never really hiked alone during Click’s “vacation”. There’s always someone close behind or ahead. I spent several nights at shelters with at least a couple of the same
      each night. Actual hiking (the walking part), most folks go pretty much alone. It’s sometimes a bit tough to stay just at the same pace as another hiker, up hills and down. Folks accordion out during the day and come back together at night.

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