Oops, I Did it Again…

This past Thursday, with a mere 356 miles left to walk to Mt. Katahdin in Baxter State Park in Maine, I fell down and twisted my ankle while traversing a boulder field…again.

I must admit that it felt a bit like Groundhog Day. I was enjoying a beautiful and sunny day, about to meet up with Long Time for lunch, I was stepping carefully along a path full of haphazardly strewn rocks, (damn glacier!), when suddenly my right ankle bobbled and down I went. Same weather, same ankle, same pain as when I fell back in Maryland. And though last time I fell on my left side and this time on my right side, it was immediately apparent that I’d be cutting my day short.

Lucky for us, Long Time and I are in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Here the AMC (Appalachian Mountain Club) operates a series of huts throughout the park. Now these aren’t the 3-sided lean-tos us thru hikers are used to — these huts are fully stocked, fully enclosed cabins with electricity, bunkrooms, food and a summer staff. Where I fell was just 4 miles from one of them and I was pretty sure they’d have ice for me to comfort my ankle. Turns out they had some frozen peas – perfect!

For paying customers, a stay in a hut with breakfast and dinner runs $100/night. But for thru-hikers they offer a nice work-for-stay policy where in return for 2 hours of some menial task doing, you get all the leftover dinner, dessert and breakfast you can eat, as well as floor space in the common area to sleep on. Not a bad deal! And due to my injury, the lovely staff at Zealand Falls Hut didn’t even make me do my share. It didn’t hurt that some fellow NOBOs told the staff they’d cover my work load. (A big thanks and a round of beers on me to Doc Boom, Trash Can and Marathon
if I ever see you again).

Portait, Doc Boom, Trash Can and Marathon

What continues and continues to humble me on this trip is the generosity of strangers. Yesterday, after having rested my ankle the previous night and then having cautiously walked the easy 8 miles out from Zealand Falls to a trailhead parking lot, our fellow work for stayers helped me again by getting me a ride with one of the hiker guests from the hut. Barry, a hiker from Mass who is well on his way to summiting all 48 of the 4000 foot mountains in The Whites, gave LT and I a lift to the closest town and back. In Littleton, I was able to get an aircast to prevent me from rolling my ankle again. Yahoozie! (Oh and a beer for Barry too, if I see you again!)

Barry - the hiker and super trail angel who gave LongTime and CLiCK! a lift to town and back - how many folks would be so generous with their time? (We like to think a lot!)

So now I’m sitting atop Mt. Jackson with just 340.3 miles left to go. I can step confidently and sleep soundly knowing the end is truly within our grasp. Plus after nearing the five month mark, I’m effin’ ready to go home! Gimmie daily showers! Gimmie a good night’s sleep in my own bed! Gimmie food I don’t have to rehydrate!

Thanks to all our readers and commenters as usual! We love the support. And an absolute special thanks to June and Scott, two section hikers we met back in Tenessee who at the time we met them said, “when you get to New Hampshire, you’ve got a place to stay!”. And their place was awesome!! Thanks again!!

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11 Responses to Oops, I Did it Again…

  1. NOT AGAIN! WOW, That’s got to hurt. But you’re back on the trail again. You are a trooper! Back in the old days (for me that’s really old) we had sports rallyes called “Press on Regardless” or POR. You are really pressing on regardless with the end in sight. Good luck.

  2. Darren says:

    Damn Girl! It pretty amazing that you’re right back at it. Ankle injuries are horrible. I can’t wait hang a ton when you’re back but Doni and I will just have to keep ‘pressing on drinking regardless’ without you.

  3. SusanS says:

    Hey Click,
    So sorry you did it again but glad you had a great place to stay and are back on the trail with the end in sight!!
    Take Care & Love Aunt Susan

  4. June and Scott says:

    Those darn rocks, and they don’t move! Hey guys, my hiking buddy, Sarahjean, and I were heading out this morning 8/7, to hike the Wildcats. But it is raining, we are wimps. I am wondering if you will be arriving at the Pinkham Notch Visitors Center as planned, 10:30ish, with the injury to Click’s ankle??? Sarahjean and I may take the ride over to just say Hi!!!

    It was a joy having you and Long Time stay with us!! You are welcome!!!

    June and Scott

    • Mike says:

      Sorry our timing to hike together was off. We had some tough days in the rain on slippery rocks and steep climbs (with no views since we were in the clouds) and couldn’t go very fast at all. But now, we’re out of the Whites! We have a love/hate relationship with those mountains!

  5. christopher says:

    dam rock and roll!
    but kudos to your spirit and your trail angels for getting you back up and going.
    how long will you have to wear the air cast?
    best to you and your few hundred miles to go…

  6. JRae says:

    Dear Melissa,
    I am so sorry about your injury. Applying an air cast was a smart move.
    Onward and upward to the finish line!
    Love, Jan

  7. I am not happy to see you injured yourself once again.
    However very happy to see you were not far away from help.

    With the end just a stones throw away compared to what you two have already covered.
    You still have till the end of August,and the entire month of September which should be good weather.
    If you take your time,and have no more difficulties you should be back home,and recalling your great adventure before you know it.

    Gee whiz please be safe till the end of the line,and for the rest of your lives,as well.

  8. Barry Markham says:

    Mel and Mike,
    I hope that getting the air cast allowed you to enjoy the great views going across the presidentials even more. Good luck on the rest of your journey.
    I really enjoyed looking through your site and hope to be following your steps someday.

    • Mike says:

      Barry – thanks again for the help you gave us on the trail, getting us to town so CLiCK! could get her air cast, and so we could do a little resupply. We’ll always remember the knidness and generousity of strangers during this adventure – I’m sure that if everyone either hiked or assisted hikers (to the extent that we’ve experienced!), the world would be a better place!
      (P.S.) – I’m adding a couple of pictures to CLiCK!’s post. – Check ’em out, and thanks again!

  9. amy wolfe says:

    where there’s a will there’s a way baby!!! i can hear your will roaring from cali!! you are one determined inspiring clicktastic chica!! onward!! can’t wait to hear more!! ….and i miss u mucho!!!

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