Out of the Whites! Hurrying out of town! (again!)

Well =- we’ve made it out of the dreaded (though beautiful) White Mountains of New Hampshire!  We had some tremendous views and some awful days.  The misery of trying to make progress when it’s raining sideways, and you’re on the steepest climbs (up or down), stumbling over boulders, where you can barely see the next rock cairn that marks the way because it so rainy/foggy/misty is something we’re happy to be done with.

We loved the views during the clear times, however, and we enjoyed remeeting our friends, June and Scott, during this New Hampshire stretch.  We’ve also had the pleasure of hooking up with a guy called “Chainsaw”, who started just around the same time as us.  Super guy, and retired Baltimore County fireman – a real ace at finding good stealth camping spots!

I just have time to post a few pictures – wish I had more time to update the galleries – we’re almost out of New Hampshire, and I haven’t even created a MA or VT gallery yet!  Oh well!

Under 300 miles to go!  Katahdin, here we come!  One state to go!

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  1. June and Scott says:

    Hi Mike and Mel,

    The Whites are beautiful!!! My hiking buddy, Sarahjean and I hiked the Carters and Mt. High yesterday. Sarahjean needed to bag those peaks and cross them off her NH 4000 footer list. She is almost done with them. She and I will be doing the Wildcats next week. As I was hiking yesterday, I kept thinking you guys had hiked through there!! The Mahoosic are coming!!!


    June and Scott

    • Mike says:

      Dear June and Scott – first of all, congrats to Sarahjean on checking a couple more off the list. The Mahoosic Notch was everything we heard it was; we took our time with our hiking buddy, Chainsaw, went very carefully, and got through it in a bit over 3 hours. Looks like a lot of the big mountains are behind us now. We’re in Rangely, Maine, and treating ourselves to a relly nice B&B for the night. Had great weather the past couple of days, but I hear there will be rain tomorrow. Oh, well! The hike goes on until it’s done!

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