Massachusetts Gallery Added

Distant Massachusetts barn

I’ve added another photo collection (“13 – Massachusetts”) under “Mike’s Galleries”.  Check it out.  Now that the hike is done, there’s some time to catch up with the photos!  (Look for VT, NH and ME coming soon!)

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  1. When you were about half way I googled authors that wrote about their thru-hiking experence,and found there were around 1000 published books and articles I think I may have shared that with you a few blogs back?
    Just before the end of your journey I did a Netflix search to see if there were any movies and found 2.
    Here is one if you are interested or haven’t already seen it, or if the link is able to post.

    • Mike says:

      I don’t have a Netflix membership, but I’ve seen that National Geographic video on the Appalachian Trail. It’s really good, and now that I’ve hiked the trail, I’ll have to watch it again!

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