The Final Push (to the START, that is)!

The final push (to the start, this is) is underway.  Yesterday, we visited Bags Unlimited to purchase some boxes into which we’ll pack the resupply items (food, etc.) that we’ll have sent to us at various towns along the hike.  The folks at the Bags Unlimited were very helpful and efficient, and so I’m giving them some free advertising.  If you need boxes or bags in quantity, or any archival storage supplies for just about anything artsy or collectible, this is a place you need to visit!

“Resupply Central” has a new clean look.

Last night I repacked all eighteen resupply boxes into the new good boxes, stuck on the mailing labels and stacked them up in order.  “Resupply Central” has a new clean look.  None of the boxes are sealed, though, as we might be asking Susan to add an item or two as we go (whether seasonal items or just things we hadn’t thought of).  Of course, if she wants to slip in a surprise candy bar now and then, that could be nice too!

We plan to pick up our first resupply box on March 14th, and the second box on March 17th, so today I sealed those two up and drove off to the local PO.  “No, there’s nothing hazardous, perishable, or liquid…” and so Parcel Post will do fine and get them to their destinations ahead of us.

We sure don’t want to arrive someplace ahead of our supplies, and since post offices will hold General Delivery packages for a month, there’s an adequate time window to ensure we can mail them out early, but not too early.

I have assembled several bits of clothing and gear that I might want Susan to send to me sometime during the hike.  Having them all in one place will make it easier for her to deal with when I ask for something; she won’t have to rummage all over the place to find theses “spares” (like spare shirts, shorts, summer sleeping bag, hiking shoes, and so on).

I’ve contacted a lawnmowing service to arrange for that to be taken care of while I’m gone.  There are so many other little odds and ends to try to think of!  I ought to get the oil changed in both cars.  I need to make sure the gutters are cleaned out before heavy spring rains.  I can uncover the air conditioner, and if the weather’s good enough before March 10th, I can rake some leaves out of the beds and maybe even put down the crabgrass preventer (best done early, anyway)!

Tim arrives here from Vermont on the 9th, and we leave town on the 10th – a mere eight days to go!

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6 Responses to The Final Push (to the START, that is)!

  1. christopher says:

    OK, just a week away now.
    know you are excited… and know that we are excited for/with you.
    fyi: got extra moleskin and powder on your “may-need” P.O. drop list?
    looking forward to co-traveling as a vicariate…

    • Mike says:

      Thanks, Bean! To tell you the truth, moleskin and powder are NOT on the drop-box list. We’re packing those items with us at the start, and we’ll replenish from shops along the way if need be. If the moleskin runs out, there’s always duct tape!

  2. Perry says:

    You were very smart using the U S postal service,as the parcel companies such as UPS will only hold packages a few days,then they get sent back to the sender.

    I take it you’re not going to be my assistant GED teacher any longer seeing your ready to head for the hills,so to speak.
    Enjoy,and above all be safe.

  3. Ahmama says:

    A great farewell dinner at the Goodwins to send Mike on his way! This team is really prepared so have a terrific time Mike & Mel!!

  4. Joan says:

    Sue got her dining room table back, and soon I get the floor of the office back. It’s been interesting watching Tim prepare for the hike….smelling the jerky roasting in the oven, seeing the supply boxes get packed up watching the gear assemble. (Light weight undies?! Tee-hee) . It is mind-boggling to think of all the arrangements needed by Mike and Melissa to leave for months and months. It will be like any other departure…once it begins, all of the preparations fade away and you’re sailing. Or walking, as the case may be.
    I’ll look forward to Tim’s stories when he returns, and updates from Mike and Melissa along the trail.

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