Another short dispatch from the field…this time because I’m super sleepy, not because I’m in a port-a-potty (or a privy, don’t worry).

We are at Blue Mt. Shelter, 48.7 miles into our journey, or just over 2% of the whole trail. We’re not actually in the shelter mind you, but in our tent right near it. If you want to snag a spot in one of these lean-to-like structures, you’ve got to end your hiking day around 2-3pm. And on a rainy day like today, perhaps even earlier. Our schedule seems to be more like, hike ALL day and then keep going. We’re averaging 12.2 miles per day and they’ve been full of ups and downs. Gimmie a nice long meadow already! But really, it’s all been beautiful.

There seems to be a lot of excitement in the air at the couple of shelters we’ve come across and ate lunch at. Lots of hikers who seem to be traveling the same pace, have gotten to know each other already and who are just so amped to be out here. We’ve run across lots of the same folks on numerous occasions, but so far just know their trail names and a bit about where they’re from. It would be nice join in on the comraderie, but for now, our schedules just don’t jive and we certainly have the time to get to know em over the next few months!

2 guys from northern Virginia, Rick and Griff, who we camped next to (and who had a great fire going) 2 nights ago, pointed out a super cool and super old settler’s cemetery. Just some stones, all in a row, streamside. We never woulda noticed it. History abounds.

And now it’s way late and I’m shutting down. Thanks to everyone who’s checking in with us! It means a lot to us to get your comments and support. Keep sending it and we’ll be thinking of you often…and of all the food you’re eating inside of your nice warm homes. ~ Mel (or maybe soon to be known as “Click” since everyone keeps asking, “are you really gonna carry that camera all the way to Maine?!”)

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9 Responses to 2%!

  1. Paula says:

    So excited to hear all about it…all of it!

  2. Alicia Haase says:

    2%?! Woo hoo! Hurry up! BTW- If you adopt a trail name like “Sky” I will refuse to acknowledge it!

  3. Deb P. says:

    Wow! You guys are doing great! You’ve covered quite a bit of territory already on a difficult section of the trail. Sure sounds like a lot of ups and downs. Keep up the good work! We think of you often.

  4. Darren says:

    Yeah, NO “Sky” or any other hippie crap!

  5. Darren says:

    i suggest “subtle ripple”.

  6. amy wolfe says:

    hmmm, ummmm wait a tick, i’m gonna bet a lick that ‘click’ is definitely gonna stick!!!
    and it sounds like a superb 2% already!! loving the updates!
    p.s., are u insane? all the way to maine?!?

  7. Diana says:

    So proud of you! Big hugs!

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