Outta time!

Partial view from a fire tower through the two missing panes

One of the many great views in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

I’m updating this post to what was originally intended!  I guess I was SO outta time, that I didn’t actually type what I meant to, or it got lost somehow.

You see, we were in Hot Springs, NC on a Wednesday, and Wednesday is the only day they close at 2 PM.  I was spending a lot of time trying to identify wildflowers that I had taken pictures of, so I could add them to the Galleries page.  The librarian started gently reminding all the computer users (all hikers!) that the library was about to close, and by the time 1:55 came around, all I could do was put up one picture and I THOUGHT I had typed a note to go with it.  Oh well.  We were out of time, so I didn’t pull it off. We’ll get more photos up soon.
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  1. Darren says:

    Did I read you correctly? Do hikers wear Crocs? Who wears Crocs? Fat ladies in Texas, that’s who! That has to be the worst “fashion” accessory you could ever wear. And I don’t want to hear that when you’re hiking the AT that no one cares about fashion because it’s total BS. Every one of all you hikers on that trail checked yourselves out in the mirror at EMS when you were trying on your packs (except for maybe Mike). Crocs!!!!!!!!!! Holy Shit.

  2. Don Paulson says:


    Glad things are continuing to go well. Sorry we missed you call on Monday but we were in California visiting our new grand-daughter Bennett.


  3. Beth Paulson says:

    I love this photo! This must be why the mountain are named the Smokies. Maybe I’ll get there someday…

  4. Peg Warrick says:

    Wow what a picture. Can’t wait to see it in person in a week. Yes I’m getting in and out the lazy way but I’ll be thinking of you on some of the trails. I’ll carry extra snacks in case I see any AT through hikers.

    • Mike says:

      The AT thru-hikers will love ANYTHING you can give them, from a granola bar to a six course meal! Another thing that’s nice to offer a thru-hiker is to take their trash! Most of us are always carrying zip-loc bags with wrappers, etc. and we often have to wait until we get to a town to get rid of the trash! Hope you have good weather for your hiking!

  5. keith says:

    beautiful. love the atmospheric perspective. hope the peaks and valleys are treating you well.

  6. Tim says:

    Hi Mike and Melissa,
    Bob, (my guardian angle in North Georgia) emailed me the following story. I found it interesting, had you heard anything about it?

    Posted: Saturday, April 16th 2011 at 8:53am
    Section of AT closed due to bear activity
    By Staff
    A section of the Appalachian Trail in northeast Georgia has been closed to camping, in part, because of a bear problem.
    The U.S. Forest Service says “persistent bear activity and improper food storage by hikers” contributed to the decision.
    The section of the Appalachian Trial in question is between Neels Gap and Jarrad Gap. It will be closed until further notice.
    The affected areas also include: the Byron Herbert Reece Trail, Dockery Lake Recreation Area, Duncan Ridge Trail, Lake Winfield Scott Campground, Springer Mountain Trailhead, and Woody Gap Trailhead, as well as the Blood Mountain Shelter and the Woods Hole Shelter.
    Day hiking is allowed. Any camping on side trails should take place at least one-quarter from the Appalachian Trail.

  7. Deborah Farmar says:

    Hi guys! I’m glad you have your crocs. Anyone who’s ever put a foot in one knows how comfy they are. Do you find a little spring in your step?
    We all love you and I’m sending you some spring-stepping energy. It goes good with M & Ms’!

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