Mike’s Random Thoughts in the AM of 4-20-11

Editor’s note: this was written a few days ago. We have good cell service now, so we’re posting ’em.

We are now 358.6 miles from Springer Mtn. That’s 16.4 percent of the way. My left pinky toe joined the blister club yesterday. Guess it wanted in on the action. Backpacker’s Pantry Beef Stroganoff is the best freeze-dried meal. Last night we repaired our stove with no tools but a toenail clipper. (of course it was helpful to have Mel’s iPhone to download a .pdf of the manual.) We celebrated the repair by eating M&Ms. We’ll be going over Roan Mtn. today. We hope it’s not cold, as it’s over 6200 feet. We’re pretty sure it’s the last 6000-footer until the White Mountains in New Hampshire. We have seen no mammals larger than a squirrel, except for other hikers. It’s time to fix breakfast. My post entitled “Outta Time” originally had some text that explained we were getting pushed out of the library in Hot Springs at closing time. I guess I spent too much time trying to identify wildflowers and ended up with no time to post any photos but one. We’ll try to do better, but town time is quite precious, and we’re trying to avoid “zero” days (nero days don’t leave much leisure time).

It’s 8 AM – gotta cook and pack! —– Mike

P.S. I used to drink 12 or more cups of coffee a day. I’m down to one cup of instant each morning and a cup of decaf tea each evening!

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4 Responses to Mike’s Random Thoughts in the AM of 4-20-11

  1. Deborah Farmar says:

    M & M’s – mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  2. Beth Paulson says:

    I think the bears are just now coming out of hibernation–do you have a whistle like the one my sister Deborah gave me when I moved to Colorado?

  3. Alicia Haase says:

    From one coffee drinker to another…. Congratulations. I think….

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