Quiz Time!

We’ve decided it’s time for an AT quiz so you can test your knowledge and familiarity with our adventure. Ten simple multiple choice questions!

1 – When in town, you can easily recognize other AT hikers by: (a) they smell like sweaty goats. (b) they’re in the laundromat wearing rainsuits only. (c) they have voracious appetites, eating giant meals including any crumbs that fall on the table. (d) all of the above

2 – Proper footwear for the trail consists of: (a) heavy duty boots. (b) lightweight trail runners. (c) footwear? bare feet are best! (d) any of the above

3 – For lunch, hikers are known to combine: (a) peanut butter and nutella. (b) slim Jims and peanut butter. (c) string cheese and canned frosting. (d) all of the above.

4 – “Privy” options include: (a) pit toilets. (b) moldering toilets. (c) 4 to 6 inch deep “cat holes”. (d) all of the above.

5 – Dishwashing is performed by: (a) thorough licking. (b) wiping with a wet tea bag. (c) rinsing with a splash of coffee. (d) all of the above

6 – To deal with a snotty nose, it’s perfectly acceptable to: (a) use your sleeve. (b) use your bandana. (c) blow a “snot rocket”. (d) any or all of the above, in any sequence.

7 – If you are following another hiker, it’s best to stay about six feet behind so that: (a) if one of you falls, you won’t both go down. (b) if he/she “whiffs” with a trekking pole, you won’t catch it in the face. (c) you avoid his/her body odor. (d) all of the above are good reasons.

8 – If a hiker is complaining about the miseries of the trail, he should (a) alter the way he laces his boots. (b) lighten his pack load. (c) leave the trail and go back to work so he knows what real misery is. (d) any of the above may be a valid remedy.

9 – When showering at a hostel, it’s perfectly okay to: (a) use soap left behind by another hiker. (b) use one’s bandana as a washcloth. (c) change immediately into raingear (no underwear) so you can go do your laundry. (d) all of the above, singly or in combination.

10 – You know you’ve been on the trail a long time if you: (a) weigh less than you did in college. (b) associate regularly with folks called such names as Badger, Road Runner, Captain Caveman, Dingleberry and Brave Little Toaster. (c) smell like a three-day-dead goat and are not bothered by that. (d) all of the above.

Well, that’s the quiz! Now for the scoring. All of the correct answers are “d”. If you chose any others, you might consider: (a) reading more of our posts. (b) hiking part of the AT yourself, to enjoy the experience firsthand. (c) yourself lucky! (d) any or all of the above.

Cheers and Happy Trails! — Mike

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12 Responses to Quiz Time!

  1. Susans says:

    I got 100% on the quiz! And you’re right it sure beats going to work everyday!

  2. Darren says:

    Hey Mike, I just read your quiz aloud to my parents. We were all cracking up. Apparently they consider themselves “Slack Hackers”. They hike 10-15 miles a day but then go out to eat and stay at a bed and breakfast.

    Oh, I never new those holes I dig all over Prospect Park were called “Cat Holes”. Thanks!

    • Mike says:

      Thanks for letting me know. Tonight, we have the pleasure of staying in a real house; we did our laundy and showered after going out to dinner. Our host is the father of another hiker we met and have hiked with for several days. She’s called “Sprout” and we’re here also with “Sherpa” (her hiking partner), and “Spark” (Another guy they’ve been hiking with for quite a while. We feel very blessed to have made great trail friends! Sprout’s dad (“Papa Sprout”) is a great guy, and a very generous host!

    • Mel says:

      Oooh, out to eat after a day of hiking! We did that today and it was AWESOME!!

      Really?! Prospect park? There’s bathrooms there, man!

  3. Megs says:

    Hey Mike, loved the quiz. Have been following your progress and bragging about you guys to my friends…

  4. Perry says:

    Knowing you Mike,from math lab, I just figured (D) was the best of the answers.
    I don’t even walk all that much myself, however I have used a few of your trail methods a time or two, regarding #5 & #6 whenever I am outside,such as the sleeve, or snot rockets with a runny nose.
    And yes I always lick off my plate, well when I’m eating home, although I do let my dog do it once in a while.
    When my wife and I go out to eat, I’d like to lick off my plate, but my wife says she’d be to embarrassed if I tried it, so for her sake I refrain.
    My wife still wants to wash them, go figure they always look clean to me.

    Good to here your inventing games, and such to pass the time.
    Carry on, and as always keep being safe.

    • Mike says:

      I’ve seen a few hikers on the trail with dogs. The dogs carry their own little backpacks. If I had a dog with me, it would have to fight me to see who gets to lick the plates!

  5. Deborah Farmar says:

    Great quiz, Mig. I got them all right too. I’ve learned so much from you. Will you smell better at you Mel’s wedding?

  6. Uncle Jim says:

    I sure wish I could be there with you guys ,I would take the point!

  7. Michael says:

    That may very well be the best post I’ve ever read in any trail journal. A true Hall of Famer!

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