14 – Vermont

I hiked the 150 miles of the Green Mountain State for most of 11 days, entering Vermont on July 17th and crossing the VT/NH border on July 27th.  On my first day in Vermont, I met up with CLiCK! again at the Vortex in Bennington, after her week of hiking with her friend, Diana.  It was a pretty good time of year to be there, as the mud season was (supposedly!) past and the weather was generally good with warm days and comfortable nights.  During this stretch, we started seeing many more southbounders (or “SoBos”), as thruhikers starting in Maine don’t generally get on the trail until early June.

Enjoy some of Vermont’s beauty in these photos! (Remember, you can click on any single photo to enlarge it, then scroll left and right through the whole collection.)


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  1. Beth Paulson says:

    Thanks for the tour of Vermont. I see your smiles getting bigger. If I could paint, I’d paint No.12.

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