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  1. Val P. says:

    Mike — You have really captured some very nice pictures with that small camera. It was good to see a lot of old “friends” like the trillium, Dutchman’s breeches, and trout lily, and also many others that looked familiar, but that I either don’t remember or know by name. Look forward to seeing any more that find their way to your lens.

  2. Beth Paulson says:

    I asked. You already had them, Melissa. These are the early wildflowers and what a gift to be able to be there to see them. My favorite so far that deep red trillium.

  3. Deb P. says:

    I really enjoyed seeing the large variety of wildflowers you are finding. They’re beautiful. The dwarf lily is especially interesting. I’ve never seen one before.

  4. Deborah Farmar says:

    What a blessing – to see so many beautiful flowers along the way!

  5. This reply is to all 3 postings. Great photos at the wedding, in the stream & the wild flowers! What an adventure you are having. I’m sure there will be a book forthcoming.

  6. SusanS says:

    Hi Mig,
    I just love your wildflower pictures. You’ve found so many! I’m sure the wedding was a nice break though. I’m happy you’re having such a wonderful adventure. Be safe.
    Love, Your Sis

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