Here are some of the highlights of one of our days on the trail. We came into Damascus, VA around 3pm and then got invited to a hiker dinner on a farm just a few miles out of town. Not the usual day on the trail, but a very cool one. Thanks so much to Trey for the awesome food and fun!!

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  1. Perry says:

    I see a dog in one of your photos,do some hikers bring their dogs along on the trail?
    Or does that Newfoundland doggy at the place you were chowing down?

    Just curious,because I have a 6 year old large German Shepherd I’m pretty fond of.
    His name is smokey.
    My wife and I take short mile or two walks around Spencerport, some times we take our dogs,she has a 7 year old female German Sheperd,which is a lot better behaved than Mr,hipper,when we see people along the way some ask what my dogs name is.
    I tell them his nick name when we are walking is tow truck.

    • Mel says:

      Yep, some hikers bring their dogs. The dogs even have their own backpacks and carry their own food! Only a few places along the trail don’t allow dogs, like the Smokies, and lots of hotels aren’t pet friendly, so it makes it a tougher hike to do in my opinion, but some of the dogs seem real happy to be outside all day long!

  2. Beth Paulson says:

    You’ve got to love those baby pigs. Great photos, Melissa. Lovely sunrise one. It must be getting warmer–you’re wearing shorts. Just a question that reveals my lack of knowledge–do you pass through any Civil War sites on your journey?

    • Mel says:

      Some days are very warm and some days are still cold — especially in the morning! But it’s almost time that we can send our thermal layers home. Yes, there is lots of history along the AT and the trail does pass through some Civil War and some Revolutionary War sites. When we come across some, I’ll try to post some pics!

  3. Margaret Sork says:

    Garth’s family is in Virginia. His parents are in Troy,VA.
    I love your photos. Looks wonderful on the trail!

  4. Your pictures are awesome! Betty’s a farm girl. Loved all the piggies & baby goats.
    You get up at sunrise?!? Betty would be hiking in her nightgown. No comment, Mike.
    We’re getting ready for our beer tasting party next Sunday. We’ll save you a beer, one of the strange ones. Happy hiking.

  5. Andy says:

    Nice site, love the pics! It looks like you guys are having a great time. This is really cool. Good luck and be safe!!!

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