06 – Virginia


Michael and ???, section hikers – it was her first hike of more than just one night!

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  1. Michael Supple says:

    Hi Mel and Mike…this pic is of me, Mike and my lovely wife Gloria. I made a different comment already before finding this pic. Our trip was a complete success. We even ran into a few of the people in your galleries. My wife did fantastic and loved every aspect of the trail. (well…maybe not the uphills so much) I now consider her a veteran backpacker. She can pack her own pack, set up her hammock, work wonders with the alky stove and slice and repair her own blisters! We loved meeting you guys and all the other fantastic thru-hikers. We got stronger as we hiked going from our first seven mile day to a 16.6 mile day later in the trip. We were both very sad to leave the trail in Front Royal and are both very anxious to get back to it. We wish you both the very best of luck with the rest of your trip.

    Mike and Gloria (Burning Man and Una – bestowed by Swift)

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