15 – New Hampshire


Atop Mt. Washington – not a day for a good view!

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  1. Jim Priestley says:

    I find it hard to believe that it is possible to WALK up to top of Mt. Washington!!!! I have been to the top twice, once in a car and once on my motorcycle. The ROAD to the top is scary enough, I sure never even imagined walking to the top. “They” say that it is rare to ever have a good view from the top. The strongest wind ever recorded (I think in the US) was atop Mt. Washington. I was around 135 MPH! I was there once in October and it was a beautiful warm day at the bottom and a extremely windy day on top with all buildings and weather apparatus absolutely encrusted in ice!

    • Mike says:

      The weather was so nasty the day we hiked up, the road was closed! They were running the cog railway, though, so some weekend hikers decided that rather than hike down, they would ride the train. You know the weather’s bad when you’d rather pay $40 than walk downhill!

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