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A LongTime Ago, in a State Not Too Far Away…

…I was about to embark on the last 5.2 miles of a very long walk in the woods. Together through good times and bad, through rain and through heat, (not to mention some wind, snow, tornadoes, hurricanes and bear encounters), … Continue reading

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Refresh and recharge!

We’ve stayed overnight with friends, June and Scott, whom we met way back SOMEWHERE.  I think it was maybe Tennessee or N. Carolina; they were doing a section for about a week, and they said (way back then) that if … Continue reading

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Brooklyn-Blazing for the Weekend

So when you’re out on the Appalachian Trail, you know you’re on the right path when you see that the trail is marked by 2X6″ white blazes. Known as “white-blazers”, there are some hikers that follow every single white blaze, … Continue reading

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Gordon & Terry – 6/18/11

As much as we’re enjoying this long hike, it was our extreme pleasure to get off the trail for a couple of days to enjoy the wedding festivities of my brother-in-law (CLiCK!’s uncle) Gordy and my new sister-in-law Terry.  Doni … Continue reading

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