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Know when to fold ’em…

Sometimes, when a song pops into your head, you should listen to it. Sometimes, just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. Like today. I had to fold, I had to bail on the trail. “What, so soon?” … Continue reading

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Winter backpacking? What am I, crazy?!

The sky is blue, the air crisp, the leaves that remain on the trees are awash with shades of yellow ochre, brilliant orange and deep burgundy…by all appearances, a most beautiful day for hiking. But what grabs my attention most … Continue reading

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Maine pictures added!

3 1/2 weeks after we ended the hike, I’ve finally added “16 – Maine” to “Mike’s Galleries” (Click the “Mike’s Galleries” dropdown and scroll down near the bottom.) After New Hampshire, we were happy to be into the final state. … Continue reading

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