Caratunk, Maine

Here we are in Northern Outdoors Resort (The Forks, ME, near Caratunk), where we picked up a drop box (thanks, Susie!), showered, ate a great meal, and now we’re hitting the trail again.

This morning we were ferried across the Kennebec River in a canoe (too dangerous to ford; the canoe is marked with a white blaze and is officially part of the AT).  This afternoon, we’re off to a lean-to, and expect now to wrap this thing up on the 4th of September.

We’ve got a mere 151.2 miles to go!  Subtract that from 2,181 to figure out why our feet want to go home!

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  1. Deborah Farmar says:

    Mig and Mel – sorry to say the package I was to send you sat in my hot car and the contents melted! Crikey – because I think that was your last pick-up – ? I’m wishing you both strong toes, ankles, knees, legs and everything else you need or want. You are gonna make this – no doubt about it – and won’t the resting be nice?

  2. SusanS says:

    Hard to believe you’ve hiked so far. What an adventure and accomplishment! Be safe and healthy for the rest of the trip. Love to you both.

  3. christopher says:

    Hooray! Hooray!! Hooray!!!
    you’re getting so close you’re probably getting the scent of Katahdin.
    and by the time you read this, you’ll likely be near or under the hundred mile mark.
    that’s what we used to call the “short-timers” countdown: the “two-digit midgets”.
    kudos on hanging in and homing in on your last few midget miles.
    how are you getting back to Harmony-O ? have you got ride(s) lined up?
    … am sure you will savor (yes, savor…) these last couple weeks!!!!

  4. 150 something still seems a long way with me just walking a couple of miles 2 or 3 times a week.
    But for you 2 who have already logged around 2 thousand miles,the rest of the way hopefully will be easy.

    Well as always please be safe,you have come to far to not make it to the end of your journey.

    I look forward to meeting you some place in Rochester whenever you get back home Mike.
    We can do lunch,yes and I will pay,Perry

  5. Megs says:

    Hi you guys, I can almost feel the excitement and emotion you must be experiencing. I am so proud of you both – and look forward to seeing you and hearing all about it. Will be glad when you are both home safe and sound, and the farthest you have to walk will be to the refrigerator to grab another cold one.

  6. Darren says:

    Yyyyyyyeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!! Keep chuggin!

  7. Fred Knauf says:

    Mike & Mel,

    Enjoy these last few days through the wilderness. Once off, you will miss it all, so treasure these days…even when wet.

    Be very careful of the impending Hurricane Irene coming your way late this weekend and early next week.

  8. Beth Paulson says:

    I just looked at your photos from 8/18. That Notch is really something. What do you do with the darn poles when you have to hold onto boulders? It looks like fun though I’d have to rest a few places. I think you two will need your rain gear this weekend with Irene bearing down. Only a week to go! Michael, you WILL be home in time for your birthday. Savor Maine and watch those rocks.

  9. June and Scott says:

    It is amazing to think you two have walked from Georgia to Maine. My friend, Sarahjean and I were hiking the Wildcats yesterday. She can mark two 4000 footers off her list. She and I were blessed to meet “Cimeron” (sp), the 89 year old man hiking the AT. Sarahjean and I were sitting on the beautiful deck on Wildcat D and he appeared. Later on the trail, we met up with “Trapper”. He knew of “Land Shark, Sparky and Thimble”, people Scott and I met back in April. It was wonderful reminiscing about that time on the AT with Trapper.

    You are almost there!!!!!

    June and Scott

  10. Wednesday we drove under a bridge marked “Appalachian Trail” across the Mass Turnpike & immediately thought of you. We were on our way to Sturbridge, MA for an MG T Register gathering. Saturday, with the threat of “Irene”, we headed back under that bridge & wondered where you were then. We got back home safely last night & watched “Irene’s” progress. You must still be on the trail. Hope you are somewhere safe & dry.

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