The 100 mile wilderness

Well, we’re leaving Monson, ME this morning, and headed into a stretch called the 100 mile wilderness. There are a few logging roads, but no towns left along the trail. Monson was it. We tented last night at great hostel called Shaw’s, where we had an all you can eat breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, homefries, blueberry pancakes, OJ and coffee this morning. That’s the last real breakfast we’ll get for a while!
Now, about Irene; we need to use today’s beautiful weather to get past two big streams before they rise. Tomorrow afternoon, we’ll end the day early, and hole up in a shelter until the storm passes. Most other hikers are doing the same. We’ll play it real safe! Time to go!

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  1. Smallpeace says:

    Anxious to hear about your hurricane adventures. I’m sure you played it safe and smart.

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