Leisurely Saturday (Ahhhh!)

(This is by Mike, using Mel’s phone.)
It’s Saturday the 26th of March. We reached N.C. Rte. 28 yesterday, after 5.5 miles of hiking; a total of 162.6 so far. There is a little town of Fontana Dam here, and we had packages to pick up at the P.O., but instead of getting them ourselves, we checked into the Hike Inn (a small, hiker-friendly) hotel, and had the boxes delivered here. Six days of supplies, our bounce box with occasional resupply needs, Mel’s hard drive and a box of special goodies from my sister Deb.
We had a great dinner at a Mexican restaurant in nearby Robbinsville, sharing a table with three other hikers. Then we made a quick grocery stop before Nancy (the Hike Inn owner) shuttled us back to our cozy room.
Then we sorted, packed, planned and tried to relax. We need to rest a bit more, so today we’ll see Fontana Village, lunch at a restaurant and hike a mere 1.1 miles to the Fontana Shelter, also known as the Fontana Hilton. This shelter sleeps 24, and has a hot shower! Won’t be as nice as the Hike Inn, but luxurious as far as free shelters go! We hope to reconnect with some hiking chums there.
We’re hoping to get on a real computer at Fontana Village and post some photos today. For now, that’s all. Nancy will shuttle us back to the trail in just half an hour.

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