New Feature! Galleries!

Our extra time off the trail has given us the opportunity to upload some photos.  We’ve added a “Galleries” page.  Just click on “Galleries” (above) for a drop-down list of our galleries so far.  Check back on the Galleries page often to see what’s new.

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4 Responses to New Feature! Galleries!

  1. nate says:

    hey melissa, I’m sorry to hear about your grandpa, but I am glad to hear his loved ones were near when he passed on. My grandpa passed away before christmas and I know it’s a bit tough, but brings out the best in family and friends, and the memories bring us all closer. It is a great time to reflect and I’m happy you and your dad are making this journey so when you are back on the trail you can bring stories of your lives to the trail. be well and good journey.

    • Mel says:

      Hi Nate,
      You put it all into the right words — about family and about the reasons for doing the trail. Thanks so much for your condolences and your support along the trail so far!

  2. Hi Mel & Mike,
    What an adventure! Glad you’re sharing it with us. From an MG guy it’s great to hear
    all the “MG” references. At least you have the initials, I had to make up “MrGil”.
    It was 80 degrees here yesterday! How warm was it there? Happy hiking.
    Gil & Betty

    • Mike says:

      Mr. Gil (and all) we had temperatures in the 80s also on the 11th, but on the 12th (yesterday) it I think it never quite reached 50. We had rain all day (at times with a few white flaky things mixed in) and a cold, nasty wind all day. We hiked on! We reached Hot Springs, NC last night around 7 PM, so we checked into a hostel and had warm beds to sleep in (the shower was cold, though). We’ve just had a most delicious and bounteous breakfast, thrown our dirty duds in at the laundromat, now we’re at the public library. I think almost everyone here is a hiker!

      We’re hoping for warmer weather for a while; it’s very changeable in the mountains. Today we’ll hang out in town until the afternoon, then hike only about 5 or 6 miles out to camp. Yesterday, we did our longest miles so far, 18.0! Before this, we had not even done 16 in a day! The nasty weather drove us on, the town called to us, and the terrain was not too tough!

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