Wildflowers gallery updated!

I’ve had some serious computer time, so I’ve added many photos to the Wildflowers gallery.  Just go to “Galleries”, click the dropdown and select “Wildflowers”.  You may click on any photo to enlarge it.

I’m really loving all of these wildflowers – I think the reason I’ve never seen so many is that I’ve never spent so many hours walking around in the woods!

Crested Dwarf Iris - my favorite on the trail so far!

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3 Responses to Wildflowers gallery updated!

  1. Deborah Farmar says:

    Dwarf iris! One of the surprises I discovered that come up every spring. They are wild here and so – – cheery.

  2. Don Paulson says:

    Your wildflower photos are stunning!!!!!


    • Mike says:

      It sometmes takes several tries to get one right. All I have with me is a little pocket autofocus camera that seems to want to focus on the leaves or some other background object too often. I’d say I average about three wildflower shots to get ONE in focus properly. It’s not so much the stunning photos, but the stunning flowers (and being here at the right time). Wish I could identify more of them.

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