Almost Heaven (by Mike, from Mel’s phone)

Editor’s note: this was written a few days ago. We have good cell service now, so we’re posting a few.

(dedicated to my sis, with many thanks, and sung to the tune of a John Denver classic. This ran through my head for most of the AM today, 4/20.)

Almost heaven, Starbucks Via, mocha java, M&Ms and Slim Jims.
Life is good here, on the old AT, long as Deb keeps sending lots of goodies!
On the trail, goin’ forth, to a place, way up north.
Mount Katahdin, Baxter State Park,
Goin’ forth, way up north,
Goin’ forth, way up north (fade out).

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  1. Beth Paulson says:

    Good for you, Mike, to get that 12 down to 2. Those Vias are pretty good actually. We’re taking some along to Italy for our hiking trip to have when we want a larger cup than the kind they sell you there. Molto bene!

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