Roan High Knob Shelter

Editor’s note: this was written a few days ago. We have good cell service now, so we’re posting ’em.

(posted by Mike from Mel’s phone; 9:30 PM, 4/20/11) We hiked about 14.5 miles today, from 9 AM to almost 7 PM, over three big peaks, the last of which was Roan Mountain. Roan High Knob, at 6275 ft. Is the highest shelter on the trail. It has four walls, a wooden floor, two windows, a loft for extra sleeping space and a door that closes! What luxury!
There are just three of us here tonight; Melissa, me and a guy we’ve known since Hot Springs called “Ramblin’ Man”. We like him a lot. He’s a very friendly and delightfully conversational retiree from Buffalo, NY who now lives in Mt. Dessert, Maine.
It’s raining a bit outside so we’re very happy to be here!

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  1. Jim Priestley says:

    Loved your wildflowers pics. 14.5 miles! Wow, keep on trekking!


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