Sunday AM, 5-08-11

Skinny Mike (aka LongTime) overlooking the outskirts of Pearisburg. (I've lost about 17 pounds and am trying to not let that trend continue!)

I’m sitting in the office of the Holiday Motor Lodge in Pearisburg, VA at around 9 AM on Sunday.  It’s Mother’s Day.  Happy day to all of you to whom it applies!

A group of mainly teachers, lunching on a rock ledge near Pearisburg, VA

We got into town about 6:30 PM yesterday after a short (10.4 mile) day on the trail.  It was a day full of nice views and a nice bit of “trail magic” offered by a group of teachers, Appalachian Trail Conference folks, one from the National Park Service and a reporter from the Roanoke Times.  They were hiking a bit of the trail, developing some course material to incorporate the Trail into their teaching.  The reporter interviewed several thru-hikers, including Melissa, for an article that should run in early June.  They were well-stocked with extra food, and gave us each bananas, cookies and chips.  Hit the spot!  They were perched on a ledge with tremendous views.  The weather was perfect.  They may have gotten a rather pleasantly-slanted view of the trail experience, with most of the hikers coming freshly from a nearby hostel; well fed, clean, and all smiles – it ain’t always that way!

Today, we plan to do a bit of shopping, and leave town around 11 or so, to hike about 12 miles to a campsite.  After a night tenting at the hostel, a night in a good motel room, and lots of good food, we don’t want to spoil ourselves.  It becomes tough to leave town if one stays too long!

We’ve covered about 626 miles of the trail now – just 1555 more to go (a big chunk of that still being in Virginia).  Until next time… Mike

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  1. Darren says:

    So since you’ve lost 17 pounds, that mean the you can carry 17 more pounds of stuff in your bag? You should help your daughter out a little and take half her stuff.

  2. Kathy Grinnell says:

    Enjoy reading your log and especially love the pictures. Brings back a lot of memories of Brian’s (Bushman’s) hike. Keeping you in my thoughts.

  3. Perry says:

    Gee you are 100 miles North of my youngest niece’s husband and their daughter who live in Martinsville VA.
    I never even thought that you’d be around there,I could have called her and arranged for you to stop in for a visit.
    However you probably know hindsight is worthless.
    Wow you lost a lot of weight,maybe I should join you when you get around PA.,I could stand to drop off all the weight I gain since I retired from trucking in 2008.

    Glad your adventure is progressing,as planed well except for a few glitches here and there.
    Just kidding about joining in on your hike,I know my wife wouldn’t go for me being away from here till I got back from Maine.
    As always have fun,but above all stay safe.

  4. Ahmama says:

    Sounds like a great time & I applaud you guys! Susie & I spent most of Friday hanging out, shopping, eating, enjoying some wine & it was really fun, but I think she misses you Mike!!

  5. Beth Paulson says:

    Good photo of you, Michael. But you need to eat those “hiker burgers” as often as you can. We spent Mother’s Day hiking to what’s considered the top prehistoric Native People site in North America called the Great Gallery in Canyonlands, UT. We had a beautiful day and we’ll show you photos sometime. The giant figures are quite an awesome sight and we got to be right up next to the art since two rangers just happened to pick that day to come down, too. We only drove a dirt road 32 miles and hiked 8, but we thought of you!

    • Mike says:

      Tonight we went to an all you can eat dinner and had two large chicken breasts (fried, of course), three servings of mashed potatoes with gravy, two servings of green beans, three buttered rolls, two large servings of roast beef, some pinto beans, two helpings of cole slaw, two servings of apples in syrup, and a dessert with a fruit cobbler and ice cream. I washed it all down with two tumblers of half iced tea/ half lemonade, and a cup of coffee. Later, I had two glasses of appler cider and a chocolate chip cookie. I’m a little full now; first time since we started the hike! We’ll be in another town tomorrow night (if we can get 20 miles in tomorrow), so maybe I’ll look for a hiker burger then!

  6. Wendy Grimshaw says:

    It was great to see you two in the Kroger on Saturday! Post cards are in the mail, and I’ve shared this link with some of the other teachers who were out on the rock lunching:). Thanks for sharing insights with us–it’s a great perspective as we develop curriculum. Wishing you all the best as you continue on!

    • Mike says:

      Wendy! Thanks so much both for sending the postcards, and for sharing our website! And thanks also just for being a friendly person and familiar face! Stay in touch!

    • Mel says:

      Wendy! Thank you so much — both for the snacks out on that rock and for remembering us and checking out our site. We’re having a lot of fun keeping our friends and family updated with the blog. Thanks for joining in!

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