This is our first post.    As often as possible, we want to have some text along with a couple of photos.  We’ll plan on updating whenever we have the opportunity during the hike.

We’ve got a draft itinerary (when/where we’ll camp, stay in towns, resupply).  We plan to start hiking on March 12th and average about 16 miles/day after starting out easier (10-12) for the first couple of weeks.  It’s fairly ambitious, but why not give it a try?  At this rate, we ought to finish in very early August.

We’ve been purchasing and prepping food for the trek.  We’re planning on sending out 18 food packages to pick up at various places along the trail, and we’ll fill in the gaps by resupplying at stores about 21 times.  The resupplies range from a couple of days to a maximum of 7 days worth of food (for the 100-mile Wilderness section in Maine).

Enough snack bars for the 77 days worth of food we'll be sending to ourselves - we'll have to buy more along the way!

Dehydration can really lighten the load. Canned chicken breast dehydrates easily!

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  1. Jan says:

    What a great idea to have this site!
    I will look forward to more posts!

    Love, Jan

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