Mike’s Galleries Updated

I’ve made some updates to a couple of my galleries.  First, I’ve added more pictures into the “04-NC/TN Border” page, and secondly I’ve finished the “05 – Tennessee” gallery page.  Hope you enjoy the pics! – Mike (LongTime)

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2 Responses to Mike’s Galleries Updated

  1. Betty & Gil says:

    What a view – of your feet!
    Seriously, what an adventure. 36.6% along, that’s a third of the way! Betty & I are following you on our old atlas which does have the trail marked. We do wish you lots of luck. Have you an itinerary showing somewhere? I don’t see one but I’m not real good on the computer. At least we get your emails.

  2. Darren says:

    nice pic of your feet and… eh-hem…. crochle area…..

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