11 – New York

Our home state! Enjoy these photos!

I’ve come back to add captions.  I had previously completed nearly all the captions when the program quit on me!  Ouch!  It’s good to be back on a computer and be able to fill in this gap.  These give you a good flavor of thruhiking in New York, start to end (June 29th until July 8th – including a side-trip to New York City).

4 Responses to 11 – New York

  1. Susan S says:

    Hi Long Time,
    It’s been a long time; looking forward to seeing you in the fall. Is that Grand Central you’re hiking through?!

  2. Beth Paulson says:

    perhaps the vistas wider. More evidence of civilization, too. Are your spirits lifting now that you’re nearly home or are you going to be sad at the end? Little of both I think. Okay, that will be 5 cents! says Lucy. Take care and be nice to the SOBOs.

    • Mike says:

      Hey, Sis! I think the beginning of your comment is chopped off. My spirits are lifting now that the scenery is changing. The beginning of VT was too muddy, but the second half of VT was wonderful, and today we reached NH! I’m in the public library in Hanover right now (Hanover is where Dartmouth is). I think you may be right about getting close to being done, too. The end is in sight (so to speak), and I’ll be a bit sad at the end, but mostly quite happy! This is an adventure that I’ll always have under my belt (which is a bit too loose right now!), so the pleasure of having done it will always be with me. I anticipate real ecstasy on reaching Katahdin and heading for home!

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