02 – North Carolina

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  1. christopher says:

    (back on-line)
    your pix are amazing !!
    thanks for taking us w/ you
    how close to planned time schedule?
    (hope twinkle-toes healing)
    wondering: where would be nice place to
    party/meet once you get further north?
    happy trails…

    • Mike says:

      We were about 2 days behind our original plan when we had to leave the trail. Once we’re back on (Tuesday), we’ll be about 13-14 days behind.
      Where to meet when we’re up north? Well, there’s so much time to plan for that! Have a look at the map (you can find it in the right-hand column of our home page) and let us know what’s good for you! Thanks, the toes are good now!
      – Mike

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