Okay folks, once again I’m dangerously close to library closing time. Hope I get to upload all of the photos I want in the next 20 minutes! (Yikes!) These are pics mostly from Shenandoah National Park in Virginia through Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. (I will come back and caption them later – getting kicked off the computer as I type!)


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  1. Michael Supple says:

    Hi Mel and Mike! My wife and I met you guys on the trail on our first or second day out of Waynesboro. We were hiking from Waynesboro to Front Royal. We met you near an area with lots of radio towers and several “chairs” in the ground made from tractor seats. We’re from Elamira NY…I’m tall and thin …my wife (less tall) and Hispanic. Our hike was fantastic…we are missing it and all the cool people we met such as yourselves. We’re very happy your hike is progressing well…we’ll be following you. BTW…we were both assigned trail names by Swift from Maine. My wife became Una for the only female hispanic he had met during three thru hikes and I became Burning Man due to the unexplained burning in my legs. (some sort of neve thing going on)

    Best wishes and happy trails to you both.

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