Gordon & Terry – 6/18/11

As much as we’re enjoying this long hike, it was our extreme pleasure to get off the trail for a couple of days to enjoy the wedding festivities of my brother-in-law (CLiCK!’s uncle) Gordy and my new sister-in-law Terry.  Doni picked us up in Port Clinton, PA (approximately 1207 miles along the trail) on Friday afternoon, and got us to the rehearsal dinner while there was lots of great company (and food!) still there.

Saturday, after spending the morning cleaning my pack, washing my sleeping bag, doing some seasonal chores around the house (like cleaning the gutters again), we were off to Highland Park in Rochester,  NY for a sunny ceremony.  The weather gods got together and put on an awesome day!

It’s back to Port Clinton and the trail Sunday evening, after brunch at Aunt Mary Kay’s and Uncle Chuck’s … more great family time, and another chance to gain a bit of weight back!

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8 Responses to Gordon & Terry – 6/18/11

  1. christopher says:

    congrats gordon and terri!
    all the best

  2. Darren says:

    Hey, just got a little internet for the first time in a week. Who the HELL IS JANELLE??!!

  3. Janelle says:

    It was great meeting you this weekend!

  4. Jrae says:

    Thank you, Michael for the great wedding photos!

    This must have been a nice break from trail life.
    Are you back on the trail yet?

    I continue to enjoy your posts and photos and share them with Mom.
    Love, Jrae

  5. Gordon says:

    Mike and Melissa,

    It was great to see you. Terry and I really appreciate you getting off trail for our wedding. I hope you got a good fill up on food and drink! See you in October!

    Unk G

  6. Beth Paulson says:

    Wonderful you two could be part of a beautiful family wedding. And you clean up so well!

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