Mike’s Wildflower Gallery Updated (again!)

I’ve just added 19 more photos to the Wildflowers gallery. Lately, we’ve noticed a change, as the weeks go on, from springtime to summer flowers. ┬áThere are not many left in the woods (where now it’s too shady for flowers to thrive), but the open fields and sunny edges are coming alive with color.

Under the “Mike’s Galleries” drop-down, scroll to the bottom for “Wildflowers”. ┬áThe latest flowers are at the bottom of the page-

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5 Responses to Mike’s Wildflower Gallery Updated (again!)

  1. christopher says:

    beautiful is…

    by the by, happy father’s day, mike;
    mel, what a nice bonding gift to the old man.
    happy trails…

  2. Fred Knauf says:


    So glad to hear that you are living a dream this year in hiking the AT. My brother-in-law did it in 1977 and I was amazed to see his pictures and hear his stories back in the mid 80’s when I met him. I’ve always dreamed of trying that but too scared of snakes. Be safe and cool during these summer heat days coming. Oh, I was on Mt. Everett in Southern Mass. before. Nice! God Bless.

  3. Pete Diaz says:

    Wow ! ! ! Amazing adventure and really, really cool pictures!

    We’re all rooting for you and Mel. Be careful, stay hydrated and enjoy the trail…

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