Mike has added a Pennsylvania Gallery

I’ve added “09 – Pennsylvania” to the drop-down under “Mike’s Galleries”.  Unfortunately, though we have completed the state, the gallery is NOT complete, since most of my PA photos have been transferred to my home computer (and I’m not there!).  I’ll work that out later somehow.  In the meantime, enjoy these from the northern end of PA’s section of the trail!

Pennsylvania is the 7th state that northbound trekkers pass through.  It has a reputation (we heard it way back in Georgia!) for being so rocky that you need to watch your feet with every single step.  One often hears the nickname “Rocksylvania”, but we found that it really wasn’t so bad.  Well, let me correct that!  The first two-thirds are not so bad – north of Duncannon (or so), the name is well-deserved.  We left PA thinking that the northern portion deserves a much harsher name – use your imagination!

We entered PA on June 7th, and left PA (crossing the Delaware River into New Jersey) on June 24th, covering almost 230 miles in those 18 days.

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